Piano Duo DimitrovBoelee

Dutch pianist Elvire was already winning prizes at 11 years old. Playing in many ensembles and with orchestras during her music studies in the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen, she knew when she met Dimitar Dimitrov, she wanted to form a piano duo together. And she managed to convince him… forming the DimitrovBoelee piano duo in 2014.

Originally from Bulgaria, Dimitar was called by jury’s of the many competitions he won a ‘Lion of the Piano in the tradition of the old Russian’s’. It’s this passionate and commanding playing that sets the tone for the duo.

4 hands playing is one of the most unique chamber music formations. It’s like 2 pieces of a puzzle, like finishing each other’s sentences, the goal is to sound like one… but better! The interaction between two pianist playing on one instrument is intimate and special to be a part of.

We find ourselves naturally gravitating towards a mostly Romantic program, which perfectly fits the 4 hands genre. Our aim is to play a program that inspires the audience to close their eyes and let the music speak to them, simple and pure.

Before we perform each piece, Elvire likes to share a story connected to the piece, history or composer with the audience. This not only creates a mood and understanding of the piece, but it also creates a connection between us the performers, and our audience.