Piano lessons

Elvire teaches at Musicschool ‘Kunst &Coo’ (Art&Co) in Oosterwolde, Friesland in the Netherlands. A little too far away for you? No problem, contact me on piano@elvireboelee.com for skype lessons or take a look at my online courses on Skillshare. Online courses are available for all level students on Skillshare. 

Skillshare is an online learning community for people who want to learn from educational videos. The courses, are available through subscription. You can try out a Skillshare premium membership (worth $8 a month) for two months with the following special links:

For Skype lessons contact me at: piano@elvireboelee.com

Beginner courses:

The Fundamentals of piano playing series: 

A series for the very beginner that has never touched a piano before, just watch, follow and practice in order to learn the basics of piano playing:

the Fundamentals of piano playing part 1

Learn the very most basics; the name of the keys, basic rhythm and some important musical terms, try for free with the link below:


the Fundamentals of piano playing part 2:

Picks up right were part 1 left off, this course is centered around reading notes, at the end of the course you will, if you practice, be able to read the notes of the f clef (bass clef) and the g clef (treble clef) try for free with the link below:


the Fundamentals of piano playing part 3:

Assuming you’ve been practicing your note reading skills, you’ll learn all the things needed to be playing your basic songs. The goal of this course is to be able to understand and play the arrangement I made of Shostakovich’s Second Waltz. You’ll be learning about: sharps and flats (the black keys), rests, dotted notes and articulation and dynamics. Try for free with the link below:


More parts in this series: Coming soon! 

Five tips to improve your piano practice.

Five useful tips that you can immediately apply to improve your piano practice. And a better more efficient practice session means better results. Suitable for all levels, but most effective for those who can already play at least basic songs.

Try for free with the link below:



Intermediate courses:

Polyrhythm: Triplets against Eighth notes

Learn how to play 3 against 2, or 3 against 4, meaning triplets in one hand, and eights in the other. In this course I give useful tips that will help you play this challenging aspect of piano playing, correctly and smoothly. Try for free with the link below: